Shoot the (Re)Boot – Friday the 13th (2009) – CBP079

The early 2000s was a good time in terms of horror franchise reboots. Texas Chainsaw Massacre came back in 2003, Amityville Horror was back in 2005, Rob Zombie's Halloween reboot came out in 2007, and the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot came out in 2010, For us, though, it's the Friday the 13th reboot that had us excited in 2009. It had been almost 7 years since Freddy vs Jason, with no realistic way to continue the storyline of the previous 11 films, so writers Shannon and Swift settled on a reimagining. It was directed by Marcus Nispel, who is kind of known for reboots and reimaginings like the aforementioned TCM, Frankenstein, and Conan.

Listener Mail

  • I sent you a text a while back (Michael from Ohio) regarding the reboot… Basically, my thoughts were: 1. Jason does NOT take prisoners! And 2. The sex scenes were extraordinarily bad. Like, the sex scenes were sooooo bad they were unwatchable! Worst acting in any of the FRIDAY THE 13TH movies… Jason himself was cool, especially starting the movie off with a variation of the pillow case from PART 2… Otherwise it was a pretty decent movie…
  • Why do you guys think they didn't follow this movie up with a sequel? And is the Derek Mears' Jason a boxers or briefs guy?
  • Do you think we will see Pamela Voorhees getting killed by a councilor in it?
  • What did Jason feed Whitney? She might've had to eat some raccoons or squirrels. That might've scarred her for life. The character of Trent is most likely the same Trent from the first Transformers movie. Same actor, same car, same attitude, same name, Michael Bay etc. Think about that. Lol