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Does the Entire Friday the 13th Franchise Really Suck? – CBP077

Continuing our stall-until-E-gets-off-R-and-R series of episodes, we’re taking a look at a recent post over at cinemablend.com by Eric Eisenburg titled “Why The Entire Friday The 13th Franchise Really Kind Of Sucks”. In it, he tries to make the case

Is It Time to Put Friday the 13th to Rest? – CBP070

This franchise has seen 12 films, as well as numerous comics and novels. We even have a sort of spin off TV show, that may or may not have fuck all to do with Jason…in any case, back in December

State of the Franchise with Jason Parker of Fridaythe13thFranchise.com – CBP047

We originally wanted to have Jason come on to defend Jason Goes to Hell, but given that we’ve sort of come around to the film (for the most part), we really didn’t think it was necessary. We did talk a