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The Last Temptation of Jason – CBP041

We had a bit of trouble coming up with a topic for this one, so luckily a couple of weeks ago Jason Parker, webmaster of Fridaythe13thfranchise.com, published a post on the site called The Inglorious Send Off To Paramount's Friday

Tommy vs Jason – CBP034

It's no secret that Tommy Jarvis is one our favorite characters in the entire series, as is probably true for most of you guys, too. For years, Corey Feldman has expressed interest in penning a script, pitting his Tommy against

The Man in the Latex Mask – CBP021

Happy Friday campers! This week we stab away at a different perspective. In Friday The 13th A New Beginning, could Tommy Jarvis and Roy be either partners, or could they both have been a little murder hungry? We cover a

What About Rob? with Erich Anderson – CBP015

Hello campers! This week we chatted with Friday the 13th The Final Chapter Rob Dyer himself Mr. Erich Anderson. It was such a pleasure chatting with him, and it was wonderful to get some insight as to why the character

Jason Voorhees, the Rapey Cannibal Guy – CBP007

Earlier this year, a blog post over at Halloween Love caught our attention. The author of the post, John Squires, asserted that Jason may have been a rapist and/or a cannibal. The evidence is flimsy, but Chris thought the idea

Did Jason Really Drown When He Was a Boy? – CBP005

The conventional wisdom is that Jason drowned in Crystal Lake in 1957, sending Pamela into the homicidal rage that ended in her decapitation. We take for granted that everything she said in the first movie is fact. But after listening