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Mr. Manfredini’s Opus – Interview with Harry Manfredini – CBP049

It all began with two words being strung together. When composer Harry Manfredini made that connection nearly forty years ago, the soundtrack to our nightmares was born. The Friday legend spoke with our counselors last week to share a peek

Alice Lives? with Adrienne King – CBP045

In this franchise, there are a handful of scenes that could be interpreted as being dream sequences. For some, the beginning of Part 2 is one of those sequences. If you frequent the convention circuit, you're probably aware that Adrienne

You and Your Friends Are Dead – Interview with Wes Keltner, Co-Creator of Friday the 13th: The Game – CBP032

We were all bummed out to hear not too long ago that the new Friday has been pushed back yet again, but right now there is a video game in the works that is EASILY The Force Awakens for horror

Is That You Jason Voorhees, Is This Me? – Interview with Ted White – CBP029

Among many fans, Ted White polls as the best actor to have ever donned the mask. Building on the performances of Dash and Brooker before him, he set the bar higher in terms of how the character should be played.

A Long Night At Camp Blood – Interview with Victor Miller – CBP027

Happy Friday Campers! This week we spend a long night at camp blood. The one and only Victor Miller walks us through the process of mayhem that only the mind of a genius could achieve. Discussion Points No bull shit?

When Jason Met Shelly – Interview with Larry Zerner – CBP025

This week we sat down and chatted with Mr. Larry Zerner. He's not an asshole, he's, uhh, a lawyer. Things might not have turned out well for this Friday prankster, but his ill-fated encounter allowed Jason to scavenge his iconic