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Crickets – CBP075

A few announcements: First, we'd like to announce that we've joined Astro Panda Productions, which is a sort of podcast collective run by one of our old military buddies. So, this partnership has opened up a few doors for us,

We’re Just Getting Warmed Up – Interview with Sean S. Cunningham – CBP073

Tonight we are joined around the campfire by a man who not only brought about but has remained a driving force behind one of the most prolific and beloved franchises in horror history, but you Friday fanatics already know that.

It’s ALIVE! – Interview with C.J. Graham – CBP072

He was the last man to portray the Camp Crystal Lake marauder before the Hodder era, and C.J. Graham certainly made an impression. The advent of zombie Jason began with Graham in the sixth chapter of the Friday the 13th saga,

A Good Friend of the Christys’, Oh Wait… – Interview with Deborah Voorhees – CBP066

With the sad news of Betsy Palmer's passing last year, Return to Camp Blood thought we'd never have the opportunity to say “Welcome to the show Ms. Voorhees,” but we were wrong. Friday the 13th has provided many iconic moments

Sit on it, Tonto (Crystal Lake’s Finest) – Interview with Ron Millkie – CBP058

Never have ninety seconds been as indelible as those filled by Ron Millkie in the original Friday the 13th. Nearly forty years have passed since Millkie unleashed the deadpan machismo of Officer Dorf, and Friday fans still can't get enough.

Where the Red Dot Goes (Crystal Lake’s Finest) – Interview with Vinny Guastaferro – CBP051

Veteran actor Vinny Guastaferro has appeared in Shocker and NYPD Blue, but forget Sipowicz because he was never cop enough to be one of Crystal Lake's finest. Guastaferro, on the other hand portrayed Deputy Rick Cologne in Jason Lives and