Return to Camp Blood is a podcast dedicated to the Friday the 13th movie franchise. While there's only so much that can be said for the Friday the 13th movies, we endeavor to say it all. We go through each movie one by one, and we comment on our favorite moments, favorite kills, the making of the films, and offer little known facts surrounding the actors. Join us as we travel from Crystal Lake to Manhattan, from the bowels of Hell to the outer reaches of space as we get closer and closer to the next installment!

  • Scar Maddox

    I discovered this podcast last Friday November 13th and have been listening non stop trying to catch up I have been through 15 going on 16 episodes love the show!!!!! Wanted to share this picture of my Jason mask tattoo and above it are 3 autographs tattooed in from people who have played Jason my goal is to have as many as I can put there I have met all but Mr. Brooker and Mr. Kirzinger the other I have only been able to get them sites on photos and yet to find a tattoo artist to put them on my skin but it’s a work in progress….also wanted to mention that in your eariler podcasts you guys where talking about Jason and sex and him killing people are are having it the reason I believe he’s doing that is because his mother mentions that when he drowned the reason was that he was not being watched because the counselers where “making love” when they should have been watching Jason and that’s why she is punishing them for that so that could be why he kills the ones that are doing that cause even with all of your different theories this could apply cause if he didn’t drown and was following her he would have prolly herd her mention that if he didn’t drowning and hide he may have been near when she told Alice that story and if she brought him back she would have told him that was the reason he drown and to punish the ones who are doing this so it doesn’t happen to him again

    • Glad you found us and are enjoying the show! And yeah, I think you’re right about sex being some of what drives Jason. That is a good point.

  • Hevymentl13

    Just started listening, great show, and great interview with the legendary Ted White, I got lucky enough to meet him in 2012 in Chicago, true gentleman in every sense of the word.

    • Yeah, he was really great to talk to…Honestly it was like talking to my Grandpa. Glad you’re listening and feel free to drop us a line if you have a good theory or a question!