What’s Wrong with Jason X?

On this episode, host Nathan Barker and co-host Kent Mullins discuss “What is Wrong with Jason X?”. The answer to that is simple, so tune in to find out as they take a giant steamer on the worst film of the Friday the 13th franchise and attempt to organize a trap shoot of Jason X dvd's.  

  • Scott Malkinson

    Atrocious film. Both of the costumes for Jason were awful. The normal one looked cheap, like they just shaved parts of Kane’s head. Guess that’s why we got that contrived regeneration idea, so they wouldn’t have to make a decayed cowl or undersuit like Kane wore in the previous films.

    There’s to much comedy with not enough real horror to balance things, like in part 6. The effects rely to much on CGI and the score isn’t atmospheric or creepy at all. Was Manfredini mistakenly credited for someone else’s music? It sounds nothing like what we heard in the Paramount films.