Kane Thinks He Should Be Jason Again…

On this episode, host Nathan Barker and co-host Kent Mullins discuss a recent article where Kane Hodder toots his own horn and states that it would be interesting for him to come back as Jason Voorhees.  We disagree with that and enough is enough of the Hodder saga…..

  • James Shaver

    Machete “officially” got passed by C.J Graham to Jason Brooks on the Friday the 13th Vengeance set…there was even a ceremony 🙂

    • Lenio Barcelos

      Most interesting news.

    • Lenio Barcelos


  • Scott Malkinson

    I’d take ten Kane dickriders over one remake dickrider anyday.

  • Cazz Sdmf

    kane is to jason, like robert is to freddy. and he’s got a large fanbase that agrees. kane wants to return to the role cause he loves the role, and he knows his fans want him to come back. that being said, kane is my favorite version of jason from part 7, but when I met kane, I thought he was a complete dick.

  • carlos