Brooker or White?

On this episode, host Nathan Barker and co-host's Ben DeAtley and Kent Mullins discuss the question: Brooker or White? They discuss the respective performances of the late Richard Brooker as “Jason” in Friday the 13th Part 3 compared to the great Ted White as “Jason” in Part 4.  Since these are the two closest portrayals of Jason Voorhees consecutively, it prompted the question to compare the actors.

  • Steve Gurney

    With all due respect to the Great Ted White, as the originator of the classic Hockey Masked Jason Richard Brooker is my favorite Jason of them all . With the hunched shoulders, he looked like a Pit Bull in (barely) human form. Plus forget the mic drop, his Jason originated the spear gun drop. You can’t get any more ice cold than that.

    I didn’t mind him NOT being the unstoppable, Terminator-like Killing Machine character that Jason would eventually become post F13 pt. 3. It made him slightly more realistic and the idea of a maniac living out in the woods is actually scarier since that is a possibility in the real world. I watch the Friday movies for a laugh while I am sitting in my living room but when I am walking around in the woods, I think of Jason and suddenly it isn’t so laughable any more.

    That being said, I can see why they turned Jason into a supernatural creature because there is only so many times he could take an ax to the head otherwise. The franchise needs to continue.