A Hodder Hypothetical – CBP110

On this episode, Nathan Barker and Landon Evanson discuss a “what if”…..What if Kane Hodder only played Jason in Friday the 13th Part VII? Would “Kane's Army” still exist?

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    I think that’s a hard hypothetical to apply because you’re weighing the application of Jason according to story as much as you are the portrayal. So I don’t think you get insight by taking away movies Hodder has played him in because in effect you’re really saying is Part VII your favorite movie in the series? Put any of the actors in that movie and none of those would come out on top either.

    I think the reason why Hodder stands out is because his portrayal was entertaining when the story itself might have been lacking. It’s not enough to just say he’s popular because he played the title role the most. The fact that he played Jason in story lines that did not service the franchise as well really speaks to how much he carried those pictures. He gave fans a reason to buy a ticket because his portrayal assured fans they would get an experience whether the story was there or not.