From Hell – CBP091

This week Nate, Eric, and Lando discuss Tom Savini's reimagined, straight from hell Jason and it is effing wicked!

  • nicholasmwalker

    hey guys, i’ve been listening to the podcast for a few months now, i could listen to people talk about the friday the 13th franchise all day. i just finished lsitening to the from hell podcast and i was kind of surprised that everyone was so on board with this new look for jason. i’m fine with it and i think it’s cool that they came out with a look that is specific to the new video game, but it didn’t knock my socks off. if they are going for a “from hell” look i would’ve liked to see them push the envelope a bit more, especially since it is for a video game and they don’t need to worry about how it will translate on the big screen. to me it really looked like they just charred up your every day jason then added some flaming eyes and shoulder spikes. and his face was even more underwhelming. considering tom savini created the best human jason (imho) i thought he would make the face a bit cooler, this jason’s face looks like jason was a normal looking dude who got burnt up… aside from the burns jason looks like he would be a handsome guy. the game looks really fun though, i’m not a gamer but i have been considering getting a console just so i can play this.
    keep up the great work on the podcast!