The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Friday the 13th: The Game Edition – CBP081

We're back from a much needed break. I hope everyone had a good holiday and that all our listeners made it safe and sound into 2017, despite the massive amounts of booze I know some of you drank on New Year's. On this episode, we're talking about the Beta for Friday the 13th the Game that opened and closed in the last few weeks. The show was fortunate enough to get some Beta keys and what we didn't use ourselves, 7 or so of you guys were able to get in with some of the keys we were provided with. A big thanks to the guys at Gun Media for that. Bobby and Chris did a short Facebook live video after they had each played a match, but we wanted to dig a little deeper into the game itself. Again, what we're commenting on here is only from our experience with the Beta and not anything final and no doubt the final version will iron out some of the issues we talk about.

Listener Mail

  • Hey guys, just wanted to share my thoughts on how Jason never drown. Perhaps Jason, who was a weak swimmer, got caught in the current or something like that. Then he ended up on the other side of the lake, crawled out into an unknown part of the woods and wondered around, found the shack from part two, and lived off the animals and berries he could find. Thus, Pamela, and every one else thinks he's dead. He finally gets back to the camp to see his mom get killed, and thus the franchise begins. What do you guys think?
  • Was Tommy Jarvis available for use yet? Did you see Crazy Ralph's bike sitting around?
  • What are your thoughts on the overall atmosphere of the game and the movie like music cues when Jason gets near? Also what are your thoughts on the recreation of the Higgins haven house and barn?