Does the Entire Friday the 13th Franchise Really Suck? – CBP077

Continuing our stall-until-E-gets-off-R-and-R series of episodes, we’re taking a look at a recent post over at by Eric Eisenburg titled “Why The Entire Friday The 13th Franchise Really Kind Of Sucks”. In it, he tries to make the case that Friday the 13th has aged poorly and is irrelevant, among other things. While he may have a good point here or there, we will yet again take up the mantle as the voice of the voiceless…pun totally intended.


  • Deadman

    I wonder if Eric needed some sort of hook to get his article read. When he lists Julius’ death as one of his favorites and Jason X as his hands-down favorite, I have a tough time believing he ever gave the series a proper chance. Sure Julius’ death is fun, even funny, but hardly one of the best. And listing Jason X as the best in the series, well that speaks volumes in itself.
    He argues that the series isn’t relevant. Relevant to what? What films are relevant, especially in horror? And how does a film’s relevance determine its worth? I really don’t understand that argument. Perhaps that’s on me. But other than films that deal with a topical issue at the time of the release, can any really be seen as relevant?
    I completely agree with you argument that he really just missed the point of slasher movies. They’re not made with the Oscars in mind. They’re fun popcorn flicks that are there to entertain, and really not much more. Accept the series for what it is, not some character driven commentary on social issues with underlying currents of blah, blah, blah.

  • Hanging Limbs

    I mean, of course the movies kind of suck when in the context of evaluating film from a technical achievement perspective. There’s a reason these films were directed by guys like Steve Minor and not Robert Zemeckis. But doesn’t so much of what is iconic “suck”, especially by today’s standards? You could make the same argument about something like The Wolfman, which is as classic and great a horror movie as you could hope for. Genres like horror and metal in music will always be reviewed more critically because it’s not as simple and easy to like.