The Saga of Kane Hodder Not Playing Jason Voorhees in ‘Freddy vs Jason’ – CBP068

After appearing as the man behind the mask four times, Kane Hodder found himself on the outside looking in at the highly anticipated Freddy vs Jason. For better or worse, Hodder was replaced by Ken Kirzinger for VS, and that's precisely the argument the counselors hope to settle…right now. So don't piss off the goalie.


Listener Mail

“You guys are too kind to this movie! Ok, here's a quick list of major problems I had with the movie:

  1. I thought it had the worst special effects in the entire series. Almost no practical effects, all CGI. How about that blood? It seemed like it was shot out of fire hose!
  2. Ronny Yu's god awful ideas. Freddy fears fire, so Jason must fear water! I'm not going to go into all the times he's had no problem being in the water, but come on, man. I mean COME ON, MAN!
  3. Jason's look, definitely my least favorite in the series. A big jacket and what's that, a purple sweatshirt underneath?? They even have the wrong eye missing!
  4. The “teens”, possibly the worst group in the series. I couldn't have cared less if any of them lived or died. They were just really unlikeable.

Those were just a few off the top of my head. Just my opinion, totally subjective. I was very surprised at how much you guys liked this one. Great show again, I love when you guys break down the movies. Keep up the good work!”

“Hello fellas, Just discovered the Podcast yesterday and am almost halfway through your catalogue and wanted to share a smaller theory I had about the beginning of Part 2. I believe Alice IS alive and the beginning wasn’t just a dream of Jason's but how he perceives it. He saw Alice kill his mother and now she is the cause of all his hatred and malice. What if he does kill some poor rando and just sees the image OF Alice? And that’s why he continues to kill because he sees everyone as Alice up until Tommy comes along and he has somebody new to direct his hate toward. Of course I’m most definitely full of shit but it’s something to ponder for a second before shitting on. Big love from a Canadian Fan!”

“Great show, finally “real” talk about the series.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I am loving the podcast. I can easily say the Friday was my least favorite franchise in the Horror power houses (Nightmare, Halloween, Friday), but through listening to the podcast, I have been able to see them through fresh eyes and get one hell of a kick out of them. So, thanks you so much for that.

I do have a theory about the inconsistencies throughout the films I'd like to share if you have the time. This is kind of round about so please bear with me.

I am a huge fan of the Mad Max films and I feel that the storytelling in these franchises is the same. In the Mad Max films, facts change from film to film like the interceptor still being intact or even the gender of his lost child. The best explanation I can come up with for this, and the theory I like the best about this, is that each story is told by someone different, so the inconsistencies are their own perceptions put over the story.In the Friday series, it could easily be argued, at least in my opinion, the stories are told by the survivors, not an omniscient narrator. This would mean that what is different in Jason's appearance and the events ignored from past events, are the fault of the storyteller. And take in the fact that these stories would then be coming from a traumatized mind, and you have the makings of very different versions of the look and MO of Jason.

Thanks for your time guys, keep up the awesome work, fuck Jim Elliot, and good night.”

  • Scott Malkinson

    The one responsible for kicking Kane of the film was New Line executive Stokely Chaffin. But why God only knows. If they didn’t want Kane, then they should’ve made it clear to him for the beginning instead of cockteasing him by sending scripts and having meetings where they imply he’s gonna return only to turn him down and refuse to explain why.

    CJ Graham was supposedly asked to return, but declined cause he didn’t like the way Kane had been treated.

  • Harry Hood

    I’ve often wondered if they didn’t want to deal with Kane trying to push some sort of “creative control” if he got the role. It’s obvious he was extremely passionate about the character and has very clear and defined ideas of what Jason would and would not do; as a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure in Crystal Lake Memories he comes right out and says he would have fought “Jason is afraid of water” bit. Right or wrong, maybe Kenny Yu just didn’t want to have to fight him every step of the way.

  • disqus_rOXjicNZph

    I’ll always believe it was about money. Studios just do not give costume actors that kind of consideration, which is why they likely wanted him on the cheap. Saying it was for artistic reasons is a canned excuse the public always get over these disputes.