Super Slash Brothers – Freddy vs. Jason (2003) – CBP063

Freddy vs Jason was arguably one of the most anticipated films in the entire franchise. We waited 10 long years for horror's heavyweights to come together in one epic, albeit not-decisive battle. There were so many barriers to making this film happen, which is why we got Jason X, while we waited. Even though fans were generally happy with the film, its also infamous for the highly controversial decision to recast Kane Hodder as Jason.

Discussion Points

  • The bringing together of horror's heavyweights
  • Betsy should have been Pammy and Kane should've been Jason
  • The epic showdown
  • Does Freddy's wink imply that Lori or Jason failed to wake up?
  • Kelly Rowland was the WORST!
  • Freddy berating Jason is hilarious
  • …he's also imaginative
  • Listener Mail revisit: Why did Jason seem to be afraid of water in the dream world?
  • Call backs to older Freddy movies
  • The Marvel movie of horror
  • The brutality of that first kill
  • The penetration of Freebird
  • …also what the fuck kind of weed was he smoking?
  • Mouth to mouth
  • The wink…again
  • Mr. Englund's send off
  • Jason is a deadite
  • Another Vs?

Listener Mail

  • First off love the show, have to say the theories are my favorite part. You guys make me go back and see things in the movies that I had overlooked in the past, almost like watching them for the first time. I have a question for you guys. With the new movie coming out, if you were given the chance to have complete control over the entire movie, what would you have in it? Like everything from characters to actors to story line. How would you make this upcoming Friday the 13th if you had all the say in the world?
  • Doug Myers

    You guys are too kind to this movie! Ok, here’s a quick list of major problems I had with the movie:
    1) I thought it had the worst special effects in the entire series. Almost no practical effects, all CGI. How about that blood? It seemed like it was shot out of fire hose!
    2) Ronny Yu’s god awful ideas. Freddy fears fire, so Jason must fear water! I’m not going to go into all the times he’s had no problem being in the water, but come on, man. I mean COME ON, MAN!
    3) Jason’s look, definitely my least favorite in the series. A big jacket and what’s that, a purple sweatshirt underneath?? They even have the wrong eye missing!
    4) The “teens”, possibly the worst group in the series. I couldn’t have cared less if any of them lived or died. They were just really unlikeable.

    Those were just a few off the top of my head. Just my opinion, totally subjective. I was very surprised at how much you guys liked this one. Great show again, I love when you guys break down the movies. Keep up the good work!

    • I think we may reply to your comments here on the next regular episode. Stay tuned!

  • Scott Malkinson

    Agreed with everything Doug Myers said. Still can’t believe they hired a director who had only seen one film from each series. That alone tells how little New Line cared about the film. I could write a book about all the stuff that contradict the previous films.

    • To be fair, though…you’d be hard pressed to name any director in the entire franchise who had really watched previous installments.

      • Scott Malkinson

        Most of the directors from the Paramount era watched the previous films or knew what had happened in them.
        And in this case it was much more important since it was a sequel to two series, 17 past films in total and Yu only saw two of them.

    • To be fair, though…you’d be hard pressed to name any director in the entire franchise who had really watched previous installments.

  • Clay Hildebrandt

    Hey fellas.

    Haven’t listened to this episode yet but i remember one of you saying Jason’s murder of Trey was the best in the film.

    Jesse Hutch is actually a cousin of mine.

    Which is my lame claim to fame.

    Its really the only truely memorable kill in the film IMO and im proud to see him get gutten and bent.

    • Haha, that’s awesome! Do you give him shit about it?