The Hodder Years: A Retrospective of Friday the 13th Parts VII-X – CBP060

When conversation turns to the best portrayal of Jason Voorhees, many fans lean toward Kane Hodder, and it's hard to blame them. Four turns as the Camp Crystal Lake killer left quite an impression, but that's what we're here for — to break down the Hodder era and determine Kane's place in Friday lore.

Discussion Points

  • First Annual Jim Elliott Doucher of the Year Award
  • Our favorite scene
  • Our favorite death
  • Our favorite chase scene
  • Our favorite Final Girl

Listener Mail

  • Hey guys, I just happened upon the podcast. Listening to the Jason X episode now, planning to work my way down to episode 1. FYI, a couple of years ago I wrote a prequel to the series. Takes place 34 years before the first film and 11 years before the drowning. It's attached in case you'd like to take a look (Crystal Lake 3D). Enjoy!
  • We also got a stream of texts from another listener named Mike. Not sure if it's the same guy as the last one, but here we are. He sent in a number of texts, but I think we're only going to respond to a select few. Sorry Mike.


  • JSeaholm (from iTunes) – The perfect podcast for every Friday fan! 5 Star – I had been searching for something knew to listen to on my late night rides home from work. Being a huge Friday the 13th fan I thought I would give this one a try. I was hooked from the get go. I feel like I'm listening to my friends talk about my favorite movies. I love the hypothetical theories, and the weekly plug of Crazy Ralph! (What's that you say?). Keep up the great work, and look forward to each week! Ps. Jim Elliot is a chooch.
  • JVoorhees (from Stitcher) – Awesome Friday podcast 5 Star – I was looking for a good Friday the 13th podcast and came across these guys. I binged and listened to all their shows in about a week. The first few episodes are a little slow (like any new podcast), but they quickly find their flow, and the most recent episodes are awesome. Funny, insightful, good chemistry, and they've gotten some great interviews that any Friday fan will love. They even have a death curse. Great show, highly recommended for any Friday fan.
  • Herb Sewell

    The audio quality now versus earlier episodes is like the difference between night and day. What mic are you using now, Chris?

    • It depends on which of the earlier episodes you’re talking about…I think we got new mics around episode 4 or 5 maybe? And we’ve pretty much used the same ones ever since. We all use Audio-Technica ATR-2005s.