Mr. Voorhees, You Have the Conn – Jason X (2001) – CBP052

Beam me up, Scotty. “I'm working on it, Captain! But we have a problem with the last guy we beamed on-board…oh, wait, he just wants his machete back. Whew!” Star Trek or even Star Wars it ain't, but Jason X is the kind of flick where you just sit down, grab the sixer of your choice and enjoy a ride of such absurdity, you have no choice but to dig it. You have the dude who got kicked down a well in 300, Alien references up the ass, a bot you would do — nipples or not — and of course, Mr. Hodder's final turn as everyone's favorite momma's boy. So let's dig into the tenth installment of the Friday the 13th franchise.

Discussion Points

  • John Carpenter
  • E: Whereabouts UNKNOWN
  • The mask
  • Where X fits in the timeline
  • Star Trek parallels
  • Jason's outfit
  • They spoiled their own movie!!!
  • WTF Todd?
  • Is Jason immune to liquid nitrogen?
  • He had a hold of them boobies!
  • He's screwed…
  • …and this sucks on so many levels.
  • Nate does not like Spaceman Jason
  • The holodeck

Note: After recording this episode, we did come to the conclusion that this film *has* to come after Freddy vs Jason in the timeline. Any new film that comes out is irrelevant because the franchise has been rebooted.