…And Today Is His Birthday – CPB054

We realize that today isn't Friday, but it is the 13th and we wanted to do something to celebrate the fact that today Jason Voorhees turns the big seven-oh. I'm sure most of you will remember that he was born June 13th 1946 and it's that sort of origin that we want to talk about tonight. We don't normally talk news on this show, but since it's been more or less confirmed that Paramount has given the green-light to Aaron Guzikowski's script, we thought we'd talk about what we have to go on so far, you know, because it's the main man's birthday and shit. I'm pulling the news from 3 separate articles over at Fridaythe13thfranchise.com.


Listener Mail

  • Hello Return to Camp Blood Counselors. This is James, and I'm a really big fan of your podcast. Love all the theorizing going on in this episode. Some really interesting ideas have been put forth on this one. Love the idea about the true psychology of Jason and the reasons behind his building of the shrine to his mother. I'm a big fan of the supernatural elements, being the real discrepancies in age and events, I'm aware that you guys don't like that angle. Still a big fan of anybody who has so much love for my favorite horror franchise. I got my start with part six and then moved out in all directions , to view all entries of the series, so that may explain my embracing of the Zombie Jason. Big time horror hound now, with a love for multiple styles of horror. Any of you guys read the novelizations, I'm a fan of the novelization of part three? Hope , to listen to more of your great podcasts.
  • So, what exactly prevents Jason X from falling, chronologically, after Freddy v Jason? At that point Jason is out of hell and back in Crystal Lake. This leaves plenty of time for the events of Jason X to happen.
  • Hey Chris.. love the show, just started listening a week or so ago i'm binge listening to the earlier episodes. We've tweeted each other a few times but i felt compelled to write after listening to the episode about The Final Chapter. You talked about a guy who called out your parenting for letting your daughter watch these movies and for cursing. I am 100% in support of you. I have 2 daughters and we love watching horror movies together. My wife and i take our family to horror conventions every year its like our Christmas, its something that my family loves to do and we bond over this stuff. We watch the behind the scenes about how they do the deaths and special make up and props, so they know its fake and make believe. I agree with you that if you talk to them about it and have a dialog with them it shouldn't be an issue. My oldest is fond of the Leatherface character and is also a cheerleader for her middle school, a completely normal girl. As far as the cursing goes cursing is a part of life. Its in school, tv, movies, songs.. etc. Kids will hear it. And there is nothing wrong with cursing when your shooting the shit about movies, music, sports, video games with your buddies. So you and the rest of the Camp Blood crew keep doing what your doing. Can't wait to listen to future episodes.