Rick Rolled – A Listener Mail Special – CBP048

Listener Mail Special

We haven't done a while episode dealing with listener mail before, but listener Rev Mark sent us a lengthy email about Part 3 that I felt deserved it's own episode.

Hey guys. I'm a loooong time F13 fan. I just discovered your podcast and have been enjoying listening to it. I may not always agree with some of the assessments and points of view thus far, but that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying the podcast and doesn't mean I cannot appreciate your point of view and the great job you guys are doing.

On that note, I love the animosity towards Rick. It's pretty funny and has me chuckling every time it gets brought up. However, I have another take as we as viewers knew far more of what was going on than Rick did.

The film establishes that only Debbie (and possibly Andy) know what happened to Chris. We also only know what happened, “happened a long time ago and she's fine now”. What that exactly means is anyone's guess. Was it 1 year ago…as in last summer (maybe downplaying things while around acquaintances/new friends like Vera, Shelly, Chuck, and Chili) or was is years and years and years ago? This is left very ambiguous.

The film also establishes a history between Rick and Chris. Rick has been some form of caretaker for the cabin (vacation spot owned by Chris' family). We know that whenever the original incident occurred, Rick and Chris had been out on a date of some sort…or maybe hitting up a make out spot somewhere. We also are given the impression that Chris is a local of some sort being that she knows the area, how to get there, and knows who THE Mary Jo Conrad is.

The film then establishes that Rick had NO idea the incident even occurred. This makes the timeline of how long he and Chris have been hooking up or in an on-again/off-again relationship, and where the incident fits inside that timeline, a bit difficult to figure out.

My take is that Rick is not that big of a douche. I get the feeling that Chris and her family lived “in town” or at least a township or two over and Rick lived in the more rural wooded area and did more manual labor style jobs and only finished high school. Maybe they met while Rick was working for Chris' dad doing work around the cabin and it's surrounding property? I get the impression that Rick is also a little older than Chris. They also seem to be an on-again/off-again couple. This may be a summer fling due to Chris only coming out for summers (until the incident) or they dated until Chris went away to college. Hence, Rick being a “dumb country boy” and not having seen her since the prior summer. We also know from the first 2 films that “in town” there are diners, restaurants, businesses, etc. Not to mention a hopping casino and after hours clubs!

My theory is that Rick and Chris have been dating on-again/off-again for years, probably since Chris was still in high school. The incident took place several years ago, but Chris never told Rick. Chris has since gone away college (that's how she knows Debbie, Andy, Shelly, Vera, etc). Since the incident and Chris going away to college, Rick and Chris have seen each other, but they only meet up “in town” during Chris' breaks from school since Chris hasn't gone back to the cabin, but they are not exclusively dating while Chris is away at school. Chris and her friends from college are at Chris' family cabin to kickoff their summer and Chris lets Rick know she's out of school for the summer and tells him to meet them at the cabin. However, this is the Chris' first time back to the cabin since the incident and it's having an unexpected effect on her. Rick is used to them being a horny young couple whenever they meet up. He's used to them being unable to keep their hands off of one another when they see each other, but being back at the cabin is causing Chris to close off and shut down….all unbeknownst to Rick and as he's getting a cold shoulder. So I don't think he's a necessarily a pushy douche, he's just used to Chris being more physical with him when they see one another, but being back is freaking her out. Never telling Rick what happened definitely doesn't help matters either!

Just another point of view from someone who has watched these films more times than I care to admit since the 80's. Keep up the good work!

  • Rev Mark

    Great job! I really enjoyed the podcast. After re-watching Part 3, yet again, we can establish Chris hadn’t been back to the cabin in 2 years. So the incident most likely happened 2 years ago. But there’s another award winning passive aggressive comment by Rick stating that she’s gained weight since last summer. So they’ve been together in some capacity in the past 2 years prior to this movie’s events. There you have it. Rick is just a passive aggressive douche. Can’t wait til next week’s episode. Cheers!

    • Fair enough. You weren’t the only one to point that out…lol Glad you’re liking the show and thanks for the episode inspiration!