Mr. Manfredini’s Opus – Interview with Harry Manfredini – CBP049

Harry Manfredini (Image via

Harry Manfredini (Image via

It all began with two words being strung together. When composer Harry Manfredini made that connection nearly forty years ago, the soundtrack to our nightmares was born. The Friday legend spoke with our counselors last week to share a peek behind the curtain to gameplay for the highly anticipated Friday the 13th: The Game and delivered laughs with the single strangest item he's ever been asked to sign. To you, the Camp Crystal Lake legion, we present our interview with Harry Manfredini.

Have a question about Friday the 13th or want to vindicate a theory? Let us know!

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  • Scott Malkinson

    Good to hear Harry shares my opinion on Freddy vs Jason. The guys who made it defiantly hadn’t seen all the films.