Jason Lives? – Jason Could Have Saved His Mother From Dying – CBP050

Pamela Voorhees (Betsy Palmer) - Friday the 13th Part 1 (1980)

Pamela Voorhees (Betsy Palmer) – Friday the 13th Part 1 (1980)

To be honest, we didn't have a lot of time to prepare the show this week, as our schedules have been pretty hectic. This week, we discuss a post over at Movie Planet dealing with the idea that Jason might have been able to save Pamela from getting her head lopped off.

Listener Mail

  • I just finished ep 30 about jason 6. I am amazed that you guys don't show it more love than you did , in my opinion it is the absolute best jason made. Jason voorhees is a killer at a summer camp for kids. Part 6 is the only movie that actually has a summer camp WITH kids !!!! & as a side note , me being in my mid 30's I am very familiar with the late rapper Eric “eazy-e” Wright. The main host of your podcast Chrs totally sounds like the rapper Eazy-E & Your co-hosts have the names “Eric” and “E”. Your podcast is #1 !! (And I tried the others on iTunes)
  • Hey guys! Just wanted to drop a line and say good episode discussing the Chris/Rick relationship. I too think that Rick was pretty much a douche and could've been more sensitive to the fact that it was Chris' first time back at the cabin since her run in with Jason. There was 1 detail I think you guys missed and that's that they had definitely continued to see each other since the “attack” because Rick states, “Chris, I think you've gained some weight since last summer.” so they obviously had continued their relationship to some degree. Granted that piggy back ride may not have been the ride Rick was looking for but being back at the cabin could easily trigger flashbacks and memories that were traumatic. She didn't totally blow him off. He should've at least given her some space/time. Chris didn't seem to be as easy as “The Mary Jo Conrad.”
  • Hey guys. I'm a loyal listener of the show and absolutely love it. I just wanted to say in regards to the possible Friday the 13th tv show, what do you guys think about it being on MTV? They have already done a slasher type show with Scream. I mean in the pilot episode we see a severed head and see a girl get her throat slashed. So they don't have a problem with violence. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Also, in the tv show, who would you cast as Crazy Ralph?