The Life and Times of Tommy Jarvis: A Retrospective of Friday the 13th Parts IV-VI – CBP035

Tommy Jarvis: Friday the 13th Parts IV-VI

Tommy Jarvis: Friday the 13th Parts IV-VI

Tonight we're bringing another Friday the 13th story arc to a close with our favorite moments from what most people dub the “Jarvis Trilogy”. As we've said previously, Tommy Jarvis is one of our favorite Friday characters and so this episode is kind of bitter sweet. We're ready to delve further into the series, but we also hate that we have to leave Tommy behind.

Discussion Points

  • Our favorite scene
  • Our favorite death
  • Our favorite chase scene
  • Our favorite Jason
  • Our favorite Final Girl
  • Deadman

    I’m a little late to this one, but wow, this one was great! Far and away my favorite! You know, putting Tommy in JGTH, while it probably still wouldn’t be a good entry, it would have made the movie a thousand times better! Maybe get rid of Erin Gray, and that dude from F13 the series and maybe put some “teenagers” in there, and it’s not a terrible movie! Great job guys!!!

    • Thanks, man! Really glad you’re digging the show. We’re getting better all the time, so thanks for noticing!

  • Jeremy Seaholm

    I’m even later than you are. I came across this a couple weeks ago, and it has been my playlist on my late night rides home from work. I love it! I was never a huge fan of Part 2, but after listening to you guys I went back and watched it again. It’s now one of my favorites. I still have a ways to go to catch up, so I look forward to when you get to Part 6! Keep it up!!!

    • That was the same boat I was in before really watching Part 2. We’re glad you found us and that you’re enjoying the show!