When Jason Met Shelly – Interview with Larry Zerner – CBP025

Larry Zerner

Image via Crystal Lake Memories

This week we sat down and chatted with Mr. Larry Zerner. He's not an asshole, he's, uhh, a lawyer. Things might not have turned out well for this Friday prankster, but his ill-fated encounter allowed Jason to scavenge his iconic goalie mask!

Discussion Points

  • How'd you get the job?
  • Crystal Japan
  • Was Shelly's death scene filmed
  • Curious hijinks
  • No improv
  • He can juggle
  • How was Dana
  • Bikers and Volkswagens
  • Who suggested the hockey mask
  • No leather
  • The pains of 3D
  • From actor to lawyer
  • “Odd jobs”
  • Services rendered
  • Larry the good lawyer
  • Fake pot dinner