The Mists of Crystal Lake – Interview with Adrienne King – CBP023

Happy Friday Campers!!! Today we bring you a very special episode; the first final girl, the lady of the lake, the lovely Adrienne King. Tonight, we are so lucky to be able to chat with the Adrienne King…We all love you dearly Ms. King!

Discussion Points

  • Oz's kids and ScareFest
  • Adrienne's Posters
  • Mutual Love
  • Why the Friday Alumni are so damned sweet
  • We all are just campers at heart
  • How Adrienne became Alice
  • New York To LA
  • Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
  • Alice's Art
  • Did Steve's chest hair have seducing power?
  • Alice's Backstory
  • Working with Mama and Crazy Ralph
  • We miss you Betsy
  • Getting smacked around
  • The final girl gold standard
  • Hints of greatness
  • The ‘Boile of the Machete'
  • Strip Monopoly
  • Camp Crystal Vineyard
  • Valley View Winery
  • Vino Variety
  • Betsy's Blessing
  • New Projects
  • *Breaking News!*
  • Speculation
  • Why we didn't get the heroine Alice Hardy in part II
  • Real Fear
  • Thirty-five years of Campers


  • Doug Myers

    Wow, great grab!! I actually didn’t hear anything about folks trying to get her to play Mrs. Voorhees, that would be great! Quick question, ever thought about doing an on-location podcast? Maybe at a horror convention or something along those lines?

    • Yes, actually. Barring anything changing, we’re getting a room at next year’s ScareFest to do a live show. They’re doing a big Friday theme for next year so it’s perfect for us. Hope to see you there!

  • Adam

    Sounds like a lovely woman