Interview with Mark Bogner of the Tangent-Bound Network/Podcast – CBP024

The Tangent-Bound Network

The Tangent-Bound Network

This week on Community Spotlight, we have the Tangent-Bound Network Manager, and host of the network's flagship show The Tangent-Bound Podcast, Mark Bogner. Even though Mark doesn't deal with the Friday community directly, the support he's shown this show was enough for us to have him on.

Discussion Points

  • How we hooked up
  • Anyone can do a podcast
  • The Tangent-Bound Network
  • The driving force
  • Translating the social conglomeration
  • Facebook and connecting to others
  • Free service
  • Screw the man
  • We are one big family


  • The Tangent-Bound Network's website
  • The Tangent-Bound Network Symposium for podcasters
  • The Tangent-Bound Network on Facebook
  • The Tangent-Bound Network on Instagram

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