Interview with John Evans of It’s Always Friday the 13th – CBP022

It's Always Friday the 13th

It's Always Friday the 13th

Happy Friday campers! Chris and Oz take the reins in this Community Spotlight with host of It's Always Friday the 13th, John Evans. We love geeking out with everyone who podcasts about this slasher series!

Discussion Points

  • Podcasts basics
  • Getting our hands dirty
  • New Beginnings
  • Different perspectives
  • Speculations and Theories
  • Behind the scenes
  • Herding cats
  • Editing
  • Machete awards and the core four
  • Hottie girls
  • Ambitions
  • A different route to Camp
  • Kinetic killing
  • References from pop culture


  • It's Always Friday the 13th on Facebook

  • It's Always Friday the 13th on Podbean
  • John's fantasy football show the X's and Y's Podcast

Have a question about Friday the 13th or want to vindicate a theory? Let us know!

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