Cloudy With a Chance of Snow Flurries – Interview with Bob DeSimone – CBP019


Billy (Bob DeSimone) – Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

Happy Friday campers. Today’s forecast is “sunny with a chance of flurries”. We had the pleasure to pick the brain of the wonderful Bob DeSimone. Bob played Billy in A New Beginning. He is such an amazing person, accomplished musician, and he and his band went on tour with Fleetwood Mac…need we say more!???

Discussion Points

  • How he Got the Part
  • Danny Steinman
  • A little Blow
  • Tongue Wiggles
  • Hatchet Wounds
  • More Screen Time

Music Credit

“Evening of Chaos” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • Doug Myers

    Ah, there’s those witty titles! Wow, for a very minor character, he was pretty entertaining! Keep up the good work! When I got to work this morning (dreading the day), I was actually felt better when I thought “Ooh, at least there should be a new Camp Blood podcast”, true story!

    • Haha, well we here at Return to Camp Blood aim to please! Glad to make your morning at least a little more bearable. Glad you like the titles also…we enjoy coming up with them.

    • Emory Maultsby

      Glad you like the show Doug! Hopefully, we can continue to entertain!