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"No! You *can't* be alive!"

Jason Voorhees (Richard Brooker) – Friday the 13th Part III

Earlier this year, a blog post over at Halloween Love caught our attention. The author of the post, John Squires, asserted that Jason may have been a rapist and/or a cannibal. The evidence is flimsy, but Chris thought the idea had enough merit to call for this episode; E and Eric, however, weren't so quick to jump on this train.

Discussion Points

  • In response to pulling stuff out of our asses
  • Steve Miner's newscast in the beginning of Part III
  • Chris Higgins' run-in with Jason
  • Lack of big game/crops


Listener Mail

“I'm going with no and no. I assume the rapist idea comes from the flashback Chris had in part 3? That's pretty thin. I think that was all either a dream or psychic vision of what was to come, or it wasn't Jason at all. He should've looked the way he did in part2 due to the timeline, but he looked like the part3 version. And as for cannibalism…why? He had Alice's rotten corpse in the shack in part2. Never have they shown him eating anything, never mind a human. I think it would be kind of cool if they had him eating a little human meat. But the rape thing is stupid.”

“Do you think Jason truly has malice and rage in his heart, or is he just misunderstood and doing what his mother says?”

“Jason actually drowned that fateful day on the lake. Since he was so close they actually recovered his body quickly. Pamela came out and the sight of her sons lifeless body caused her to finally snap completely. However Jason was able to be resuscitated. Pamela refused to admit it, she was too far gone. Jason continued to follow her around, but in Pamela's mind it was just a vision tormenting her. Jason was forced to take care of himself which lead to his wild man like existence in Part II. Pamela's torment is what drove her to slaughter those who came to Camp Crystal Lake.”

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  • Duggy

    There were many comments about Jason being someone who killed people and especially killed people having sex.

    Remember at the time (two years before Friday the 13th Part 3) Jason had only killed one person, Alice. It was only two years after whatever happened with Chris that he started killing nubile young campers. Not sure if that changes any theories, but it’s a point that was overlooked.

    • I’m pretty sure we mentioned that, but as this episode is kind of old, I don’t remember what was said, necessarily, so I can’t argue that point. However, I will say that my overall theory in this episode, or at least the intent, was that at least part of the reason he has such a disdain for counselors having sex was because of his inability to perform when he and Chris had their first encounter. Obviously, Alice was a revenge killing for what happened in Part 1, and it’s clear he was motivated to continue killing because of Pamela’s reaction to his “death”, but given the things Steve Miner says in the news report in Part 3, he may have still been trying to have sex and getting frustrated when he couldn’t perform, whether his victim was dead or alive when he tried.

      So yeah, the things you say are totally valid and were at least present in spirit when we laid out our reasons for agreeing with the theory from the post we were covering.